Install in a minute

Unlike other PHP frameworks, PHPasap as such required zero configuration. You just need to extract the zip and start coding. Tell the routes which controller will handle given request or handle the request in the route itself.

Use inline function in routes to handle request

Route::add("GET", "welcome", function(){ echo "Welcome to my app"; });

Or use controller to handle reqeust

Route::add("GET", "welcome", "Pages_Controller@welcome");
class Pages_Controller extends Base_Controller {
    public function welcome() {
        echo "Welcome to my first app";

PHP framework with simple MVC architecture

Based on traditional MVC architecture: Controllers handle the businees logic, Models interact with database and Views contains the HTML markup

Route::add("GET", "blog", "Blogs_Controller@index");
class Blogs_Controller extends Base_Controller {

    public function index() {
        return View::make("all_blogs",["blogs"=>Blogs_Model::all()]);

foreach($blogs as $blog) {
    <h2><?php echo $blog->title; ?></h2>
    <p><?php echo $blog->published_on; ?></p>
    <p><?php echo $blog->content; ?></p>

Easy to remember syntax

Read it once and you'll remember them forever.
Each method name was well thought and then implemented



Session::set("some_var", "some_val");


Cookie::set("some_var", "some_value", 8600);



$all_users = DB::table("users")->get();


$all_posts = Post::get();


//post request
$name = Input::post("name");

//get request
$name = Input::get("name");


//<input type="text" name="name">
echo Form::text("name");

//<select name="gender"><option..</select>
echo Form::select("gender", ["male"=>"Male", "female"=>"Female"]);


Small Footprint

PHPasap is one of the very few PHP framework having really small footprint, about less than a MB

Simple to install

Just unzip and you are done. It is really as simple as that. No composer, no third party dependencies.

Amazingly fast

Most of the files are lazy loaded using the powerful autoloader. This improves the performance tremendously.

Simple syntax

PHPasap was written to speed up development process and make life of developer more easier. Accordingly each class methods names are kept precise and easy to remember.

Code as you like

Except for a file naming convention, PHPasap doesn't restrict you in any way to any kind of coding or naming convention. You may call your controller Post_Controller or just Post or anything you want. PHPasap leaves it upto you.

Place your classes anywhere

PHPasap used namespace based autoloader. Except for Controllers and Views, you are free to keep your class files anywhere in your application.

Learn quickly

Even if you are beginner it will not take you more than a hour to completely understand this awesome PHP framework.

Well documented

Be it comments in code or our extensive api documentation, everything is explained clearly with examples to illustrate use wherever possible.

Full support

We love to hear from our users. Be it a query or any suggestions we are always eager to get in touch with you.